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Leverage Strategies
to Grow Brands

Household purchase behaviour at emerging markets will sustain the future of how brands grow in the global consumer industry.

In 2008 we started our journey in the world of brands purchase behaviour. Intentionally we started with an application of the evidence-based approach based on the work of Professors Andrew Ehrenberg, Gerald Goodhardt and Frank Bass, as a frame of reference to design and implement methodologies to understand buying behaviour at household level and to process information collected at field looking for law-like reoccurring patterns, not one-off events. Currently, our work on brand innovation has the same frame of reference, which is materialised by the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute of Marketing Science, a flagship research institute of the University of South Australia, in the UniSA Business Schoool, and it is complemented with recent advances from the field of behaviour neurobiology.

Consumer Repurchase Behaviour Experimentation

We have developed a novel approach to understand consumer's benefit perceptions and actions at real market scenarios, and the way consumers generate brand value. We conduct purchase experiments in the real market to reveal what the branded product really means to consumers, and how all positively influence future consumer purchase and repurchase behaviour.

Categories served: cooking oils, margarines, laundry products, baby diapers, sunscreens, dish washing products, household cleaning and personal care.

This approach joints several areas of expertise about consumer actions and perceptions:

Household Purchase Tracking. Quantitative approach to track purchases at household level, visiting and collecting real evidences in a weekly base during three (3) months.
  Data processing, analysis and interpretation, with proprietary software, looking for fundamental patterns at purchase attributes like: brand penetration, purchase frequency, full loyalty, light and heavy brand and category shoppers, brand repertories and duplication.

In-vivo Household and Point of Sale Experimentation. Design and implementation of consumer experiences with brands, products, messages at actual household scenarios. Special attention has been done to purchase experiences at home level and/or at point of sale level, letting consumers vote with their money.

Experiential Ethnography. Qualitative approach to consumer understanding about the complex way of consumer's benefit perceptions and value generations.
  Specific and customised qualitative studies based on in-depth participation of consumer experiences at critical moments when benefits are build in consumer mind. The information obtained is characterised by a high degree of reliability, quality and accuracy, and it deals with aspects with no coverage in conventional market studies. The studies are done using the company's own methodology of comprehensive visits made by highly - trained staff members.

Deep Consumer Insights. Procedures to gain deep insights from consumers, based on storytelling, metaphors and sensory images, in order to create and develop creative strategic insights about consumers to support value proposals and brand communication.

Predictive Analytics and Buying Behaviour Numerical Models. Data mining of national quantitative data as well as application of machine learning procedures to understand correlations.
   Application of the NBD-Dirichlet and Bass models of brand choice and purchase incidence. A well-established theoretical statistical models that has shown to predict and explain observed patterns of purchasing behaviour in a wide range of market situations.

How do we work? What is your gain?

CONSUMERTEC is contracted in a multi year project base to join a client's Marketing or Innovation teams in charge of brand or product innovation and grow. Marketing or innovation teams are usually responsible for the following goals:

    • to increment brand's market share in some period of time
    • to design and launch new brands or brand's extensions
    • to keep the highest brand's ROI (return of investment)
    • to improve brand's profits in a sustainable way

As a team member CONSUMERTEC assumes goal responsibility and provides team's work support, deploying full capabilities and technologies: in-vivo and in-silico methodologies at household level, in order to reach goals effectively and efficiently. In other words, we deploy full capabilities and expertise, with no limits, in line with team plans and actions.

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